Getting Active in P.E. Week

Last week was P.E. Week – a reminder to encourage our students to be more active. As part of P.E. Week we had decided to take the whole school – over 400 students – to Belair National Park for the day. We were all very excited about the day, even though we knew it would be a long day for some of our younger students. Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip as the temperature forecast for the day was 36. :-(

Jill, one of our P.E. teachers has been teaching some dances to the students over the past few weeks and we all had an opportunity to join in during a special get-together on Friday morning. Even the teachers got up and “shook their tail feathers” for the audience.We had great fun so ‘well done Jill!’.

The dancing session followed a very competitive T-ball match between a team of teachers and a team of Year 6/7 students on Thursday afternoon. The competition was fierce, but the match ended in a draw. Well done to all those who played! Here are some photos to show what a good time we all had!

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  1. I love what you guys have going on here Ms. Thompson, and thank you so much for your comment on our classroom’s post, my student’s and myself appreciate the input.

  2. Sorry about your trip being canceled.But yall’s T-Ball match sounded fun!

  3. Nice blog Ms Thompson – really user friendly with a number of nice touches on it. We’ve been blogging since March at our class page which address is

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  1. Getting Active in P.E. Week Video

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