Week 2

Hi everyone. HereĀ  is the word study list for this week.


Check out some of the new sites added to our class delicious account. There are some interesting ones for our ancient civilisations study & I’ve also added a some new games.

I’m looking forward to hearing you play at assembly on Friday – try & fit a practice in if you can!

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  1. Interesting information
    on the Incas

    They lived 8000 years ago
    Cuzco Was buily from 1200 AD

  2. built *

  3. The incan empire began in 1438.

    The city of cuzco is located in the Andes moutains in southern Peru. It was the capital city of the incan empire and lies about 3400 metres above sea lvl.

  4. 2 facts about the incas

    The incas lived about 8000 yrs ago
    The llama was used for transportation


  5. As soon as I get pictures on my blog amout my house during Christmas I will leave you a comment to check them out. It will be once I learn how to get the pictures on the computer. And nice blog too.

  6. I was thinking about the premiers reading challenge and I thought to myself when are they going to hand out the awards?

    they better do it soon because it is almost the end of the year (yay)


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