Marvellous musicians!

Well, the day has at last arrived for our very first class performance to show just what we’ve learned in our 10 weeks of learning to play musical instruments! Our audience consisted of 9 junior primary classes, staff, and some parents. We were all quite nervous – at least I was, so I’m sure that the students were :-) What can I say? My fabulous students rose to the occasion and did a great job of performing the pieces learned over the past 10 weeks. The junior primary students enjoyed it and I think staff were most impressed at the progress we’ve all made. Well done to all the students in LA2-6 – you made me very proud today!! Watch this space for an update and a podcast of the performance.

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  1. Hi Everybody in LA2-6,
    Just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed your concert, it was fantastic. I could have listened to a lot more! Very impressed with your progress. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next one.
    From Katrina (Lisa’s Mum).

  2. Hi Mrs Thompson,
    I had a great time in the concert and i also think we did really well.



  3. hi

    i am sorry that i was not at the consert but i could not of played since i could hardly breath.

    i bet it was fun {x_x}hahahahaha

    from zac

  4. i thought the concert was great I DIDNT SQUEK

    You did very well – I KNOW that I squeaked! I’ve reduced the amount of exclamation marks – they were going off the page.

  5. hi

    Sorry i wasn’t there for the concert but from what I’ve heard it was really good.

  6. Hi Mrs Thompson I can’t log on for some reason because it got updated


  7. So are we doing anything for Ivana when she comes back?
    I think a bg sign saying WELCOME BACK IVANA would be nice how about you


  8. the performance was great and my mum really liked it to so yeah it was great

  9. Hi Mrs Thompson

    I just wanted to say that playing in the concert was really fun and exciting
    Just I hope were not doing it in front of the year 67 class.

    also I was wondering were the word study grid is for wk 8.


  10. Hi,
    I’ve tried to log in again but it says that I need to update my password again. I stayed logged in but it logged me out and said I need a new password because the site has been updated again.

  11. Mrs Thompson i still cant find the wordstudy grid for week 8

    Hi Shaelyn. If you look under the tag of Word Study and then look under the post for Week 3 there is a link for the grid there. Don’t worry too much about it though.

  12. I thought we did really well and my mum said it was great

    I agree with your mum Emma :-)

  13. Hi the music sounded like it was fun. Your class is really lucky that you get to learn a musical instanment

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