Operation Christmas Child

The SRC at our school has made a commitment to participate in Operation Christmas Child to help disadvantaged children in South East Asia & the Pacific to share in the joy of receiving gifts and know that othres around the world care about them. We aim to fill as many shoeboxes as we can with items from the five categories for children of varying ages. All students in our room have been allocated a group which has chosen an age group and gender to enable them to fill their boxes with appropriate items. We’ve made a start with our collection, and a big thank you to Alanah who has started the ball rolling with her donations.

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  1. I think this is a really good idea but i also think we should set a bujet for our class maby $15 or something

    That’s an interesting idea Iva. We can have a chat about that in class tomorrow.

  2. mabey we should say that it dosent matter if you dont spend as much as everyone else because its really good if someone cares enough to spend over $15. i also think it is great that our school is contributing in this.

    OK, good point. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m really pleased that our school is involved in this program.

  3. just a quick question how do we get rid of those moster avatar things

    Shaelyn, if you want to have something else instead of the monsters you’ll need to upload your own avatar.

  4. i think this is a great thing there doing for unfortunate kids in other countries but didf we get a news letter about it because i cant explain it to my mum

    Hi Tom. I’m glad that students in our class are responding positively to Operation Christmas Child. I do now have some leaflets that you can take home to help explain the program.

  5. on wednesday the seniors soccer team had there carnival witch im in and we did pretty good. We one one, drew one and we lost one so we dont no if we got threw

    Well done Tom. Let’s hope that you did get through. When will you know?

  6. hi, i think that this should not be a competision and that you should give as much as you can.

    i still dont get why they want new stuff they could get 2X as much stuff if it was stuff you already had.

    :} < < <fish

    Hi Zac. I think we should do our best because we care and not because we want to be the class with the most boxes. There are a number of reasons why we need to send new things – some are to do with quarantine laws, others to do with just giving other children the opportunity to experience receiving a brand new gift.

  7. I think its a great idea doing this and i think maybe we should spend as much money as we need but not to go overboard. I hope our class alone can make at least 25 boxes.
    Sorry i didnt log in but the monster avatar would have come up

    Thanks Cody

    Hi Cody. I hope we can really make a big effort to make these boxes. It’s a very worthwhile cause.

  8. whoops!! made a mistake Sorry!!

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  11. Hey I’m Holly from New Zealand. I am a year eight.
    Your blog is really cool.

    Now about the post, I think that this is a great idea for your school to be a part of.

    Not only will you be doing something really nice for those less fortunate you are also going to get the thrill of knowing that you are helping our entire world be a better place.

    Good Luck, I hope you fill quite a few boxes!

    BTW, if you want to comment back, please do so on-

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