And so it ends…

Well, that’s it – it’s all over! Our Year 7s have all graduated and are ready for high school, whilst our Year 6s are preparing to start their final year of primary school and become our school leaders. And I am packing up for a fresh start in a new school as ICT Coordinator.

I have loved working with you all in LA2-6. We’ve had our ups & downs but we’ve all learned new strategies to deal with problems, and I think we’ve all become more resilient along the way. You have been a wonderful class to end my time with at this school and I will miss you next year. Thank you for your appreciation & support at Thursday’s assembly and for your excellent behaviour at the Aquatics Centre on Friday. Didn’t I do well? Hardly emotional at all – but then you didn’t see me in my kitchen on Friday evening!! :-(

Good luck to you all for next year. Ben, keep on blogging! I’d love to hear how you’re all doing so drop me an email to keep in touch. A very Merry Christmas to you all & your families!

Happy Holidays... Pictures, Images and Photos

Getting Active in P.E. Week

Last week was P.E. Week – a reminder to encourage our students to be more active. As part of P.E. Week we had decided to take the whole school – over 400 students – to Belair National Park for the day. We were all very excited about the day, even though we knew it would be a long day for some of our younger students. Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip as the temperature forecast for the day was 36. :-(

Jill, one of our P.E. teachers has been teaching some dances to the students over the past few weeks and we all had an opportunity to join in during a special get-together on Friday morning. Even the teachers got up and “shook their tail feathers” for the audience.We had great fun so ‘well done Jill!’.

The dancing session followed a very competitive T-ball match between a team of teachers and a team of Year 6/7 students on Thursday afternoon. The competition was fierce, but the match ended in a draw. Well done to all those who played! Here are some photos to show what a good time we all had!

Create Your Own

Week 2

Hi everyone. HereĀ  is the word study list for this week.


Check out some of the new sites added to our class delicious account. There are some interesting ones for our ancient civilisations study & I’ve also added a some new games.

I’m looking forward to hearing you play at assembly on Friday – try & fit a practice in if you can!

Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4 – I can hardly believe that we’re into the last term of 2008. This will be a very busy term I think. Tomorrow we are hosting the Triple M breakfast radio show – starting at 7 a.m.! Now there’s a challenge. It promises to be very enjoyable with a barbecue breakfast and lots of activities.

Congratulations to Ben & Tyson who’ve been selected for the District SAPSASA Tennis team!

Congratulations also to Lisa & Nathan who have been elected as our class reps on the Graduation Committee!

This term we are working with Mr Weatherill’s class on an inquiry into Ancient Civilisations. I’m looking forward to learning lots on this interesting topic along with the students. We are continuing with our music lessons until Week 4 & we’ll be playing at the assembly in Week 2, so if you’re available come along and listen to us play. We are in the process of organising an excursion to the Museum, Art Gallery & Botanic Gardens. Hopefully this will be in Week 6 – if you are able to accompany us that day it would be great. More details to follow.

Time to relax

Thank you to everyone for your great response to Operation Christmas Child – & a big thank you to the group who were always ready to wrap the boxes and fill them! That was a big job – especially the wrapping. I think we managed to fill about 24 boxes in the end, which was a fantastic effort. Madison will correct me if I’m wrong on that. :-)

Also congratulations on your enthusiasm and participation in the Cha Cha slide at Friday’s assembly. You, and Mrs Burton’s class, made a very good impression. Many teachers commented on the way you presented yourselves – so a big pat on the back to you all.

I hope you all have a very relaxing holiday (I intend to!) & come back refreshed and ready for the usual hectic Term 4 – dancing lessons, graduation, end of year excursion, disco, PE Week….. It’s makiing me tired just thinking about it!

Belated podcast

This podcast should have been posted here a few weeks ago, but due to some technical errors it’s a little late. However, better late than never as they say.


Marvellous musicians!

Well, the day has at last arrived for our very first class performance to show just what we’ve learned in our 10 weeks of learning to play musical instruments! Our audience consisted of 9 junior primary classes, staff, and some parents. We were all quite nervous – at least I was, so I’m sure that the students were :-) What can I say? My fabulous students rose to the occasion and did a great job of performing the pieces learned over the past 10 weeks. The junior primary students enjoyed it and I think staff were most impressed at the progress we’ve all made. Well done to all the students in LA2-6 – you made me very proud today!! Watch this space for an update and a podcast of the performance.

Farewell to Sam & Bon Voyage to Ivana

Yesterday we sadly had to say goodbye (or au revoir) to our student teacher, Sam. Sam has been working with us for the last 4 weeks and we’ve enjoyed having him in our class. All of the students in LA 2-6 contributed to a shared lunch/farewell party &, even better, managed to keep it a secret from Sam. Well done everyone! A big thank you to Aaron, Darcy, Ivana, Iva & Lisa who did a fantastic job helping clean up the kitchen.

Hopefully Sam will come back to visit when he’s not too engrossed in his uni studies.

Ivana has left us for 5 weeks as she, and her family, travel to Europe to visit family and do some sightseeing.We all wish her a wonderful trip & look forward to her sharing her adventures with us in Week 10.

It would be very remiss of me not to thank all of you in LA 2-6 for making my birthday yesterday a very enjoyable day. It was lovely to spend the day with you all and I even enjoyed your singing ;-)

Operation Christmas Child

The SRC at our school has made a commitment to participate in Operation Christmas Child to help disadvantaged children in South East Asia & the Pacific to share in the joy of receiving gifts and know that othres around the world care about them. We aim to fill as many shoeboxes as we can with items from the five categories for children of varying ages. All students in our room have been allocated a group which has chosen an age group and gender to enable them to fill their boxes with appropriate items. We’ve made a start with our collection, and a big thank you to Alanah who has started the ball rolling with her donations.

Week 4

Someone will have to help me with more creative titles for these posts!

Although I was unable to be there the word is that everyone played really well during today’s music lesson. Next week will be the final rehearsal before we perform for the Junior Primary classes and parents. I’m looking forward to it as it’s a great opportunity for you all to shine and show how hard you’ve been working, and the progress that you’ve made. And thank you, Sam, for the offer, but I don’t think I’ll steal the limelight with a saxophone solo! :-)

This week I’ll be sending a letter home to parents asking them to work with their child on a persuasive writing task. Students will then need to write a letter to their parents trying to persuade them to allow them to do/have something that has been denied. Hopefully the authenticity of the task will promote some powerful persuasive writing!

Week 4 Word Study


This will be Ivana’s last week at school before she heads off for an exciting trip to Europe. Hopefully she’ll post about her experiences on her return. Sadly it is also Sam’s last week working with us. I’ve certainly enjoyed having Sam working in our classroom and we wish him well with the rest of his studies. Maybe he’ll come back and visit us again.